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Wave 1 — "Inspiration" features intimate interviews with wildly successful social entrepreneurs — modern day heroes and innovators who have catalyzed profound positive changes on a massive scale.

Wave 2 — "Empowerment" includes interviews and seminars with leading conscious business experts who will show you the key entrepreneurial mindset shifts and tangible skills that can skyrocket your positive social impact and your profit. Wave 2 is only available via our upgrade package...

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Announcing Your Exclusive Opportunity to Peek Over
the Shoulders of Legends as they Reveal the Marketing, Global Outreach and Life Changing Secrets that will
Help You Change the World — From the Inside Out

Dear Changemaker,

When your bigger vision feels like a distant goal, it can get very discouraging.

You go about your daily life with a fading objective, clinging to a dream that is still waiting to come true, and wondering if this is all there will ever be.

This is what most people go through as they lead their lives. It's that nagging feeling of regret, of unfulfilled goals and of dashed hopes.

But here's where you're different.

You see, you have a passion that will not be ignored any longer. You are ready, right now, to do something about that passion.

And the best part is that you're about to make a truly amazing discovery.

Not long ago, 41 of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, legends and icons came together for a common mission.

By aligning 100% with their passion and values, these people succeeded at creating humanitarian products, services, and organizations that are transforming the world.

All of our mentors make a decent living doing what they love — most of them make six-figures and above, and many of them make millions.

This is where you come in...

What if you could reach thousands, or even millions, of people through your work, and be richly rewarded for bringing this amazing value to the world?

What if you could start feeling like you're making more of an impact on the lives of others, which would in turn make a bigger impact on your own life?

And what if you could make all this happen simply by listening to a series of interviews that will guide you every step of the way?

When you start to play a bigger game, your dream starts to become more real, more do-able and more fun to pursue.

To really grab this dream and hold on to it you'll need targeted, practical guidance from the world's most successful, smart, loving, brilliant changemakers.

These are living, breathing role models who have proven that you can make a good living doing what you love, and helping others at the same time.

It makes sense when you really stop and think about it. After all, if your attention is constantly on things like how you're going to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on, how much time and energy does that leave for creating good in the world?

You Don't Have To Struggle!

You can build a more successful business, more quickly, and have a lot more fun along the way, just by following in the footsteps of the entrepreneurs who have already blazed the trails.

You already have access to web-replays of all our Wave 1 mentors.

Now we kick it up a notch with...

The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Package.

For the first time ever you can get instant access to digital downloads of all 41 empowering teleseminars when you take our groundbreaking upgrade package.

You'll learn how to expand your positive impact and your income, while watching as they elegantly fit together in your life.

Plus it's the height of convenience, being able to listen to this unique audio training package while driving, working out at the gym, walking, or doing the dishes.

A Who's Who of Mentors and
Life Changers will Show You the Way

Prepare to be inspired beyond words when you start to experience these digital seminar downloads for yourself.

Just look at a tiny fraction of what you'll learn:

You'll learn from NY Times #1 best-selling authors, self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, and global visionaries such as Marianne Williamson, John Robbins, Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, Julia Butterfly Hill, Bill Drayton and more.

You'll hear how Kimmie Weeks escaped political assassination and built a global following after exposing the injustice of his government, and how Tashka Yawanawa brought his tribe back from the brink of ethnocide by initiating ecologically sound income producing projects.

You'll learn the one key that empowered Lynne Twist to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill Drayton will tell us how he built a network of thousands of leading social entrepreneurs and empowered them to address the world's most pressing problems.

You'll learn the keys to their success, and how they triumphed over obstacles along the way. Most importantly, you'll take away the key mindset shifts and hard entrepreneurial skills that helped these people succeed.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more inspiring, along comes...

David Riklan, the mastermind of who will show you how he built an email list of 950,000 weekly readers.

Ali Brown and Fabienne Frederickson will help you adopt the entrepreneurial mindset that supported them to build seven-figure businesses.

You'll also discover why Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton and John Robbin's books catalyzed millions of readers, and how you can publish your own book much faster than you thought possible.

You'll learn how Josh Thome attracted high profile celebrities such as Cameron Diaz to his documentary TV series, and how you can attract high level partnerships with people that currently seem out of reach.

The most prolific marketers on earth will show
you how to attract more clients and customers.

We're talking about leading-edge conscious, green, mission-based marketing that gets results, from the people who pioneered the most forward thinking grass roots campaigns in history.

The type of results where you're booked solid with a long waiting list, and you did it without selling your soul, or feeling sleazy.

You'll learn the tangible business skills every socially conscious entrepreneur needs to combine making a massive positive difference with making a sizable income.

To help you implement all that you will learn, top business coach James Roche and time mastery expert Bill Baren will share secrets that can dramatically increase your productivity.

And there's so much more to tell you about, so just take a look at the dazzling array of speakers we assembled for this package.

The first wave includes leading global visionaries and social change activists who will inspire your compassion, creativity, and vision of a better world...

Bill Drayton
Everyone A Changemaker (30 minutes)
The man responsible for popularizing the term "social entrepreneur" shares his philosophy of "everyone a changemaker". We will discuss why social entrepreneurs are so critical at this precarious time of rapidly accelerating change, the number one obstacle faced by entrepreneurs, the importance of collaboration, and the unprecedented opportunity of Hybrid Value Chains - a new framework for businesses to reap the benefits of combining social and economic value by forging alliances with citizen sector organizations. Bill will share his passion for cultivating empathy as a fundamental precursor to widespread cultural transformation, and the role of young people in catalyzing change, now and in the future.

Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money (30 minutes)
One of my biggest inspirations and mentors shares wisdom gained from a lifetime of addressing the world's most pressing problems, fundraising, and leadership for social change. She will inspire you to become more aware of your money wounds, as well as the culture-wide dysfunctional relationship to money, and empower you to cultivate a healthy relationship to money. What could be more important for a conscious entrepreneur? You will discover the biggest lies we've been told about money, and you will learn the key perspective that empowered Lynne to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

John Robbins

Asking The Right Questions (45 minutes)
John is one of the most eloquent spokespeople for a more just and sustainable world. He has made a career of exposing injustice and raising the consciousness of millions. We will discuss the importance of asking yourself the right questions, living and doing business with integrity and purpose, tapping your authentic genius, and the keys to success as an author and speaker.
Marianne Williamson Turning The Ship Around (45 minutes)
The internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher with four #1 NY Times bestsellers will discuss running your business, or non-profit, with a higher purpose, integrity, and love. She will answer the question, "If human civilization as we know it is like the Titanic headed for the iceberg, whether the iceberg be nuclear, environmental or terrorism-related, what will it take to turn the ship around?"

Stephen Dinan

Creating The Shift (45 minutes)
Stephen is a master of social change and an expert online community builder, having built an online community of over 100,000 conscious change-makers in a few short months. We will discuss list building, online movement building, and creating a shift towards a more just, sustainable, and spiritually aware world that works for everyone. You will learn to monetize your movement building activities so they are not only self-sustaining, but highly profitable.

Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief - Bridging Mind, Body, Science, and Spirit (45 minutes)
Civilization is on the threshold of a profound evolutionary leap and social entrepreneurs can help. Bruce will answer the question, "Why are so many of our institutions, from health care to banking, all failing at once?" And, "Why is this good news?" We will discuss the biology of belief, spontaneous evolution, bridging science and spirit, mind and body. Finally, we will discuss the importance of reprogramming your subconscious mind in order to create business success, as well as contribute to the creation of a sustainable world.

Ocean Robbins

The Joy of Being A Changemaker (30 minutes)

In 1990, at age 16, Ocean Robbins launched a non-profit organization that provided support to more than 675,000 young social entrepreneurs in 65 countries. He has spent his life building bridges of collaboration and cultivating leadership amongst some of the planet's most inspiring change-makers. We will discuss how to overcome the biggest challenges faced by busy leaders, and how to find joy in your work for a better world. Expect to be inspired!

Focus On A Social Problem Nobody Else Is Solving and Come Up With An Innovative Solution (30 minutes)
Van is the best-selling author of the definitive book on green jobs and a co-founder of three successful non-profit organizations focused on human rights and social justice. TIME Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009. I'm going to get Van to talk about the path of a social entrepreneur, the biggest challenges he's had to overcome, the keys to his success, reasons for hope in the current political climate, and the one piece of advice he wishes he would have received when he was first starting out.

...are you starting to grasp just how big this is?

...can you start to see what kind of impact this can have on your own life's purpose?

Read on...

Julia Butterfly Hill

Catalyzing A Movement for Social Change (30 minutes)
Julia became an internationally recognized hero in the activist community when she spent 738 straight days living in the canopy of an ancient Redwood tree to bring attention to the plight of the planet's ancient forests. Her courageous actions, and her message, have catalyzed millions of people. Julia and I are going to discuss what it takes to build a movement for positive social change, changing the world by starting with yourself, "communicating" not just talking, and how to create a genuine caring relationship with the people who comprise the movement you're building.

Rich Dutra-St. John

Breaking Down The Walls of Separation (30 minutes)
Rich co-founded both a company and an NGO (Challenge Day) that has now transformed the lives of millions of youth and adults, breaking down walls of judgment and separation, replacing them with compassion, understanding and love. His work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and a popular MTV series. Learn what it took to launch and build Challenge Day, and how they overcame any obstacles along the way to mainstream notoriety and massive influence.

Alisa Gravitz

Building The Nation's Largest Green Business Membership Organization (30 minutes)
Alisa will share what she has learned over 27 years of developing marketplace solutions to our world's most pressing problems and growing Green America, the nation's largest green business and green consumer membership organization. We'll discuss the biggest mistakes she made and the key lessons she learned about building a team, stakeholder engagement, attracting and retaining members, staying current with technology and evolving methods for marketing, communication, delivering content to members, and more.

Tom Terwilliger

The Science of High Achievement (45 minutes)
Going for a bigger dream, overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, reaching your potential, the technology of high achievement, giving up excuses and being unstoppable, are a few of the topics Tom will address. The man who transformed himself from a drug and alcohol addicted biker into a National Bodybuilding Champion (Mr. America), and successful business owner, will share how strengthening your mind, will, and body can transform you into a more successful entrepreneur.

Josh Thome

Reaching Millions Through Key Partnerships and the Media (45 minutes)
Josh's work to inform and activate people on environmental and social issues has reached millions through live events, TV, radio, film and the Internet. He is a creator and producer of 4REAL, a global documentary TV series that is airing in 167 countries. We will discuss the mindset of a successful social entrepreneur, how to build key partnerships that catapult your reach exponentially, and the pros and cons of working under a non-profit versus a for-profit structure.

Nina Simons

A New Definition of Leadership - Balancing the Masculine and Feminine (30 minutes)
Nina will discuss the founding of Bioneers, an organization that disseminates breakthrough solutions to our most pressing environmental and social challenges, restoring the "feminine" to a balanced place in our culture, and cultivating a new healthy model of leadership that incorporates feminine principles. We will also discuss the importance of connection, community, and support amongst social entrepreneurs and how Nina's own sense of herself as a leader developed over the course of 14 years of producing Bioneers.

Drew Dellinger

The Connections Between Justice, Ecology, Cosmology, Compassion and Entrepreneurship (45 minutes)
I will get Drew to share the keys to his success with building a writing, publishing, and speaking business focused on his greatest passions. We will explore the connections between justice, ecology, cosmology, compassion and entrepreneurship. We'll discuss bringing joy and passion to your business, and overcoming challenges such as the resistance to self-promotion.

Kimmie Weeks

Alleviating Human Poverty, Suffering, and War (30 minutes)
Hear how Kimmie Weeks narrowly escaped political assassination and built a global following after exposing the injustice of the Liberian government at the age of 14. Kimmie and I will discuss the goals of alleviating human poverty, suffering, and war. We will explore the importance of clear vision and commitment, how to embrace challenges with the right attitude, and really getting to know the people and communities you serve. His story will blow your mind!

Tashka Yawanawa

Business Ventures That Empower Indigenous People to Protect The Rainforest (45 minutes)
Tashka is the Chief of the Yawanawa tribe of the Brazilian Amazon and he will be calling in from the edge of the jungle. You'll hear from one of the wisest, most creative, visionary leaders alive today about how he brought his tribe back from the brink of ethnocide by initiating ecologically sound income producing projects. The Yawanawa and their allies are developing a new model of sustainability that allows the Yawanawa to protect the rainforest and engage with the outside world without losing their cultural and spiritual identity.

Saniel Bonder

The Entrepreneurial Path - A Sacred Journey of Service and Awakening (60 minutes)
Saniel is a highly acclaimed spiritual teacher, author, and founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality Work. We will investigate the entrepreneurial path as a sacred journey of service and awakening, and an opportunity to embrace the interconnectness of all life. We will explore the pros and cons of structuring your social benefit organization as a non-profit versus a for-profit, and how to embrace the psychological challenges (emotional ebbs and flows that all entrepreneurs experience) of growing a successful business.

If this were all the people gathered for this unique package, it would be tremendously valuable, well worth the price of admission.

But there's so much more to tell you about.

Before I do, you should probably know my story so you can better understand how this all came about, and maybe be even more inspired to succeed in less time and with less effort.

I co-founded a non-profit organization when I was 19 years old that empowered more than 675,000 young leaders in 65 countries working on social change, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

As a teenager I felt like I'd found my highest purpose in life and I was overjoyed. The only problem was we were totally dependent on charitable contributions and we barely had enough to pay ourselves a measly salary.

I scraped by for the first few years, living on donated rice cakes, and blue corn chips... literally!

These financial sacrifices were tolerable as a teenager. However, as I grew older it dawned on me that if I ever wanted to own a home, afford health insurance, raise a family, or travel the world, I needed to earn some real money.

My desperate attempt to find a solution led me back to school to become a certified Transformational Therapist and Master Hypnotist. Later, I got into Executive Recruiting because I'd seen others making a lot of money doing that.

Sure enough, I made a killing — I billed nearly half a million dollars in my first 12 months. But I wasn't happy. In fact, I was pretty miserable.

I had succumbed to a horrible limiting belief that goes like this:

You can either do meaningful social change work, or make a lot of money, but not both.

Do you share a similar limiting belief?

Then it's time to really examine...

The Biggest Obstacle to Outrageous Success

Do you believe that if you set out to build the business you really want to build, with absolutely no compromises, that you could make enough money?

OR do you secretly fear that you might struggle, and maybe even lose it all, or the unspeakable...go back to a regular job and be stuck in 9-5 for the rest of your life!

Most people secretly believe they would have to sell their soul to be truly successful.

You'd have to become a sleazy salesman, or you'd have to work long hours and sacrifice your health, or your family time.

But here's the truth: you CAN have it all with the proper road map.

You can build the business, or non-profit, of your dreams, so click here to make it happen!

My Turning Point was...

Finally, I stumbled on a coaching program that empowered me to believe that I could have it all.

I quit the recruiting business and started a fundraising consulting business. I wasn't making nearly as much money, but I was making a difference again, and I felt more alive!

Then, after 15 years of fundraising, coaching, and consulting, I finally discovered an even deeper calling...empowering conscious entrepreneurs who were out to heal this planet.

I started my coaching business and had a full client load of conscious entrepreneurs in only seven months, only to discover that I was back to barely making a living. A dirty little secret is that most coaches make less than $30K per year. I was one of those statistics.

Have You Ever Felt Like Quitting?

This was so frustrating that many times I even considered abandoning my calling, and going back to something like Executive Recruiting so I could make some real money again.

This pain drove me to study what the most successful entrepreneurs I knew were doing. I listened to numerous teleclasses, interviews and coaching programs from people who had achieved high levels of entrepreneurial success.

I had to weed through a ton of hype and get-rich-quick garbage to find the gems that were aligned with my values, but it was worth it.

I implemented what I was learning, and over the years I tested numerous business models and marketing strategies.

My business evolved. I evolved. I experienced steady growth, as well as incredible breakthroughs.

Today, I'm happy to say that my business brings in a satisfying 6-figures. But more importantly, it's a true expression of my passion for making a positive difference on the planet.

I had finally proven to myself that I could have it all — money, meaning, and time to enjoy it all.

To be totally transparent, lately, with organizing the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series and going through a huge business expansion, the "time to enjoy it all" part has gone out the window again. However, I know that's a temporary situation because I have the tools and the strategy to get back to balance.

How Many Success Secrets Will You
Discover In The Second Wave...

The world's top business mentors reveal the "rest of the story" on how they became successful. Take a look...

CJ Hayden
The 8 Step Blueprint for Launching A New Social Enterprise

Expert marketer and social entrepreneur coach, C.J. Hayden, will explain her 8 step formula for launching a new social enterprise, including 1) Write a mission statement, 2) Research the field, 3) Conceptualize your unique offer, 4) Reach out to potential team members, 5) Develop your business model, 6) Identify initial funding sources, 7) Write an action plan, and 8) Find sources of ongoing support. I'll also ask her where she sees startup social ventures most often go off track, and how can they get back on, and what do social entrepreneurs most need to know about marketing.

Bill Baren - Time Management Secrets that Will Dramatically Increase Your Productivity
Time Mastery expert Bill Baren and I are both passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of their time, so this will be a juicy interview! You will learn: 1) How to double your productivity, 2) One daily habit that will help you get the most important project done first, 3) How to stop the distractions and interruptions that are holding your business back, 4) The best way to delegate and outsource low-priority tasks you shouldn't be doing, 5) The secret to overcoming procrastination, and 6) How to get your email inbox under control, and that's just for starters!

Suzanne Falter-Barns & Jeffrey Van Dyk
Becoming Nakedly Original — The Key To Attracting A Following

Your platform is your inch wide, mile deep place to stand online. Your unique, memorable offer. Your powerful brand and USP (tagline.) The more spiritually grounded in your purpose it is, the more nakedly original it becomes, the more buzz it generates. Suzanne and Jeffrey will take you through a powerful checklist that helps you determine: 1) What you don't know about your target market that's hurting your bottom line, 2) Whether your brand is unique enough or not, 3) The critical mistake almost all marketers make, and 4) Why your business may be getting lost in the shuffle.

Ryan Eliason - How To Triumph Over The 8 Most Common Obstacles to Entrepreneurial Success
Learn the 8-step formula for doubling your income while doubling your free time. Ryan developed this formula to assist socially conscious entrepreneurs to evaluate their businesses and clarify exactly what is holding them back (both internally and externally) and what is needed to progress to the next level of success. Hundreds of business owners have followed these 8-steps to grow businesses that generate a healthy profit while making an immense positive difference in the world. This interview will guide you to evaluate and clarify your current priorities in order to generate a breakthrough in your business.

Ali Brown
Building A Multi-Million Dollar Heart Centered Business

Learn about the personal challenges Ali had to overcome as she built her multi-million dollar business from scratch, and the keys to her phenomenal success? Get her deep understanding of the most common obstacles faced by heart-based entrepreneurs, and what to do about them. Hear her talk about the one piece of advice she wishes someone had given her when she was first starting out.

George Kao
How to Effectively Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

I see most entrepreneurs wasting colossal amounts of time, and producing very few tangible results, when it comes to social media marketing. George Kao is the solution! He is one of the few people on the planet (amongst hundreds of self-proclaimed social media "experts") who can actually show you how to focus and get results with a minimum investment of your time. George's social media strategies are essential for any social entrepreneur who is serious about changing the world. He's already helped me tremendously. This is a webinar so make sure you click here to access the slide show while you listen to the interview...

Baeth Davis - Unleash Your Life Purpose and Be The Change
Baeth Davis is devoted to helping entrepreneurs unleash their Life Purpose and get paid for their passion so that they can BE the change they want to see in the world. She has built a wildly successful business based on her private and group coaching, workshops, and business-building study tools. We will discuss clarifying your purpose and your passion, as well as how to identify your key life lessons, overcome the most common blocks to entrepreneurial success, and cultivate the mindset of a highly success entrepreneur, all of which lead to a more profitable and fulfilling business.

Donna Kozik - Write a Book in a Weekend
Two-time award winning author Donna Kozik will show us how to write and publish a book using her fast and easy methods. You'll learn why having a book is more important than ever, and you'll discover the most common obstacles that prevent would-be authors from becoming published and how to overcome those challenges. Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, ebooks versus regular hardback or paperback books, and books versus audio and video products. You'll also hear how Donna went from near bankruptcy to a mid six-figure, mission-based business that she loves.

Fabienne Fredrickson - The Mindset of Entrepreneurial Success
Fabienne built a multi-million dollar business teaching entrepreneurs how to attract clients and cultivate the mindset that leads to success. We will discuss the role that our thoughts, beliefs, fears and self-image play in our success, the most common self-sabotaging mindsets to avoid, the power of taking a no-excuses approach to your business, and the fundamental importance of choosing to have faith in your vision.

James Roche - The Entrepreneur's Path: How To Attract More Clients and Make Money Online
The Entrepreneur's Path simplifies all your marketing efforts into 4 simple you don't have to struggle trying to do everything all at once. Information product expert James Roche will show you exactly how to make more money and free up your time using his simple and time-tested model. You'll learn what you need to do in your business today to get immediate results. You'll also witness a live demonstration of one of his best techniques that will get you clear and focused on your business and programs within's actually a metaphor that simplifies all your marketing efforts.

Christine Kloser - The Power of 100% Alignment
Christine Kloser, award-winning author, speaker and publisher, will show us how to separate the Truth from the Trash. We'll explore the path to discovering the truth of who you you can bring that truth to the world. We'll look at the process of coming into 100% alignment with your truth and integrity, and the challenge of the final 10%. She will help you embrace the challenge of marketing with an open heart and a high level of integrity. Finally, we will discuss the keys to writing a book that simultaneously makes a major impact and grows your business.

Tad Hargrave - 10 Ways To Become a "Hub" — More Effective Than Simple Niche Marketing
Marketing genius and beloved mentor to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses, Tad Hargrave will share his latest thinking on "Hub Marketing". This is way more effective, and practical, than niche marketing. You'll learn about the 3 levels: 1) the COLD approach, 2) the WARM approach which involves "working with hubs", and 3) the HOT level which involves becoming "the hub". You'll see why the "hot level" is the one you want to be at because it's the only one that really works in the long term. Finally, you'll learn 10 strategies for becoming a hub.

David Riklan - How to Create a Profitable Email Newsletter and Build a MASSIVE Subscriber List
David will share specific details on how he built his email list to a whopping 950,000 subscribers and how you can too! You'll learn the techniques that can help you skyrocket sales, develop better customer relations, and make money from your current subscriber base. Don't expect to hear the same old techniques during this program. David will finally spill the beans on years of tested list building and monetizing strategies.

Kathleen Gage - Teleseminars and Social Media Marketing — An Unbeatable Combination for Success
Bestselling author, street smarts marketer and publicity expert, Kathleen Gage, will show us how to combine teleseminars and social media marketing to grow your reach, impact, and income. You'll hear why Kathleen and her clients have become hugely successful with teleseminars while other people seem to struggle. You'll learn the "secrets" to her success, how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when promoting teleseminars, and "tricks" for maximizing results when using social media to market your teleseminars.

Jeffrey Howard - The Anatomy of a Conscious Product Launch
You'll learn the formula for conducting a highly successful product or event launch that is not only profitable, but builds your list, develops your brand, and engages your tribe. Having a blueprint to follow when launching a new program or product is essential if you want to maximize results. Jeff has a proven track record of multiple six-figure product and event launches for clients and his own company. This promises to be one of the most content rich calls.

Alexis Neely - The Strategy To Evolve Your Business
Alexis built two million dollar businesses while raising two kids and now supports entrepreneurs to build purposeful businesses based on who they authentically are and how they want to serve. We will discuss the three most common types of entrepreneurs (you probably fit into one of these categories), healing the money shadow and embracing "the numbers", the ego-based versus the soul-based business, and how evolving your business can support your personal and spiritual evolution, as wells as produce the income you desire.

Shel Horowitz - Low Cost Ethical, Green, Conscious Marketing Strategies That Work
Shel Horowitz, green marketing consultant and author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green will share how ethical and green marketing differs from ordinary marketing. We will discuss the most common marketing challenges faced by social entrepreneurs, including being able to claim your higher purpose with pride, overcoming the fear of being labeled a greenwasher, and overcoming the limitations of a small marketing budget. We will investigate the power of thinking big, getting free publicity, and the radical notion of seeking alliances with your competitors.

Sydni Craig-Hart
Smart Simple Marketing for the Solopreneur

Sydni will share proven tips for solo service professionals to attract more clients, develop multiple streams of revenue and create the lifestyle they desire. These strategies have helped her clients to gain national recognition and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue streams.

Terry Axelrod - How To Create Sustainable Funding
Terry Axelrod has coached and mentored over 3,000 organizations to implement her highly effective fundraising model which leads to a broad and sustainable funding base. We will discuss the biggest obstacles to creating sustainability in organizations, and how to overcome these common challenges. We will explore the proven Benevon model, uncover the key components that make it so effective, and investigate the importance of fostering community engagement. Finally, Terry will share her tips on running a for-profit company that serves a social mission and empowers the non-profit sector.

Jason Fladlien
Copywriting — Mastering This Essential Entrepreneurial Skill Set

Hear Jason's fascinating story about going from a $12 an hour house painter to a $117,000 a month Internet marketer in less than three years. You'll learn why even a mediocre writer can be a successful copywriter, and why it's an essential skill for a social entrepreneur to develop. You'll gain specific tips for writing copy that inspires people to take action - without being salesy or inauthentic. Finally, you'll learn to avoid the most common mistakes that even seasoned copywriters make. Jason specializes in giving "streamlined, action-able content" which means he is light on theory and heavy on step by step application.

John Jonas - The Magic of Outsourcing
John is an expert on outsourcing, delegating, hiring and utilizing virtual assistants from the Philippines. He has made millions of dollars online directly from work that his workers have done for him and now teaches others exactly how to do the same thing. John can help you implement everything you know you should be implementing, by outsourcing nearly ALL of the work. His teachings are sure to change the way you look at running your business, outsourcing, and the success you could have in doing it.

Mark Silver - The Heart of Business
Mark has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the areas of marketing, sales, and business mission. We will discuss the role of love and spirituality in developing a fulfilling, profitable, sustainable business that contributes to a more just and sustainable world that works for everyone. We will explore the dance of love and ego in business, a heart-centered approach to decision making, and how slowing down can actually make you more grounded, centered, and productive. Finally, we will discuss the creation of a healthy relationship with money — one that honors its importance without it becoming an obsession.

Mari Smith - How To Make A Bigger Difference On The Planet Through The Power of Social Media
Mari is one of the world's foremost experts on using social media as a marketing channel. We will discuss how to apply her 4-part formula for using social media effectively: 1) quality network, 2) quality content, 3) consistency, and 4) passion. You'll learn the most important factors of success and how to avoid the ugliest mistakes people make. Finally, Mari will share numerous specific tools and tactics to help your business thrive in the world of social media.

Seen enough?

Want to cut to the chase? Then click here:

Let's start to imagine the possibilities...

You are impacting thousands, perhaps millions, of people through your business in profound positive ways that are helping to build a more just and sustainable world. In the process, you're being richly rewarded for the amazing value you're bringing to this world.

You can work from home, or from anywhere in the world, and you make your own schedule. You have a delicious, fulfilling lifestyle, with plenty of money to do the things you love, and you spend your time exactly the way you want to, with the people you want to work and play with.

You're working in partnership and collaboration with exciting visionary leaders and enjoying a sense of connection and community.

If you engage your bigger vision, with the right support you could ...

  • Finally realize your true destiny in life

  • Experience a deeper Passion and Energy for your business

  • Play a BIGGER GAME and start impacting more people

  • Never worry about money, ever again!

  • Focus all of your time only on the things you truly love

  • Play a significant role in healing our planet

  • Enjoy freedom from having to work a regular job, and from making any compromises in your business

How does that sound?

OK, now to make this a total no brainer, I've compiled even more tools and resources that will transform your dreams into reality...

18 Bonuses That Make This Too Irresistible To Pass Up

The value of this program already far surpasses what we're charging for it.

However, our mentors wanted to give you even more. They are just as committed to our mission of empowering changemakers and they insisted we include these bonuses that will meet specific needs you may have.

Even one of these bonuses, if it meets a critical need of yours, could make this program worth the investment.

Ebook: "5 Time Mastery Secrets to Double Your Productivity Every Day"
From Bill Baren

To grow your business, you have to learn how to escape the stress, distraction and interruption that's sucking away your energy and focus. With Bill Baren's free eBook, "5 Time Mastery Secrets to Double Your Productivity Every Day", you will come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions you can take immediately to be more in control of your time, be more productive, and have a greater sense of fulfillment in your life.

Value $97

Identifying Your Niche
From Tad Hargrave

This 41 page ebook delves deep into why niche marketing has become so vital today, why it's the central facet of every marketing decision you make, what compromises a niche, why demographics are not enough, why you need to niche by 'lifestyle' or 'tribe', the three critical elements of a good target market, and over 40 examples of great niches.

Value $29

The Freedom Business Models
From James Roche

Learn How You Can Lead a Freedom-Based Lifestyle Discover the right business model for you so you can lead a freedom-based lifestyle earning multiple 6-figures working 30 hrs/week or less with only one or two part-time assistants

Value $47

Getting Over Stage Fright mp3 recording
From Janet Esposito

If you have a fear of public speaking or performing, and it is holding you back from fully sharing your gifts and promoting your business, you are in for a real treat! Listen to Lynn Klippel's interview with Amazon Bestselling Author Janet Esposito as Janet speaks about some of the highlights of her newest book, Getting Over Stage Fright. She will be reviewing a holistic body, mind, spirit approach to transforming this fear and you will learn some core methods to help you speak or perform with more calmness, confidence, and ease.

Value $39

The Power of Partnership
From Ocean Robbins

The founder of YES! and author of Choices for Our Future writes of his experiences in meeting and working with people from diverse backgrounds and countries and how, even in times of conflict, they have built bridges of friendship and understanding.

Value $10

Backwards: Why Common Abundance Manifestation Approaches Are Sabotaging Your Success
From Mark Silver

For those who are worn out trying to "manifest abundance," or perhaps that approach just never settled in your heart, but still long for a spiritual approach that feels in integrity. Includes "Forwards," a workbook on how to effectively aim for goals from your heart.

Value: Priceless

Guided Meditation - Trust in Your Divine Plan
From Christine Kloser

The Trust in Your Divine Plan is perfect to listen to whenever you feel doubt creeping into your being. You'll be taken on a peaceful and powerful journey to release the energy of that which is holding you back and open to the magnificent flow of grace and Divine energy that is always working in your favor. This meditation is like taking a mini-retreat right in the comfort of your own home. Simply listen (30 minutes) and get rejuvenated, recenter and re-energized!

Value $49

Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life
From Shel Horowitz

E-book offering 111 easy, free/cheap ways to go green, save energy, and save water that you can implement immediately with no significant lifestyle change. From green marketing consultant Shel Horowitz, primary author of the award-winning and environmental category #1 bestseller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson)

Value $10

Write a Book in a Weekend: 7 'Insider' Author Strategies: Find the Time, Choose a Winning Topic & Get Your Book Done
From Donna Kozik

This electronic version of Donna's latest book will get you started on the path to finally getting your book done! Find the time, choose your topic, and get your book published. Also included are 3 examples of "short and powerful books" you can write in a weekend!

Value $10

Social Entrepreneurship Resource Guide
From C.J. Hayden

This 10-page guide includes a glossary of social entrepreneurship terms, recommended books, audios, and videos on social entrepreneurship, a directory of social entrepreneurship funding and support organizations, and many other helpful resources for social entrepreneurs.

Value $9.95

Spiritual Entrepreneurship: On Healing Your Spirit/Money Split, Creating Multidimensional Wealth, and Doing the World Some Good
From Saniel Bonder

This PDF white paper drops you into the heart and guts of spiritual entrepreneurship as a raw, wild path of whole-being integration, awakening, and even destiny. An 18+ year business owner, Saniel's orientation to spiritual entrepreneurship is as deeply embodied, radical, and original as his paradigmatic spiritual teachings. He challenges you to: explore and heal your "Spirit/Money split" (every body's got one!), master the radical self-reliance that the "feral human" journey of every serious entrepreneur requires, dare to develop and integrate all your gifts, practical and spiritual, as part and parcel of your business leadership.

Value $20 to potentially priceless

Total value of Bonuses: At least $667

What's All of This Really Worth To You?

Well let's put it another way...

What's it worth to you to have the exact information you need to build the world-changing business of your dreams?

I mean, if someone came up to you and said they possessed the world's ultimate secrets to lifelong success, what would you be willing to pay?


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Let's say you only listen to 10% of the interviews and put only 10% of the revolutionary ideas you get from those interviews into action. You could easily double or triple your income as a result.

But just for the sake of argument let's be even more conservative and assume that you only increase your income by 5%.

You would still see an enormous return on your investment over your lifetime. In fact, for most people, a 1% increase would equal a huge ROI.

That's using conservative numbers and assuming you only utilize a fraction of what's available. Imagine how much more money you could make if you fully utilized everything in the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Package.

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The dozens of testimonials on my web site are from clients who paid hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for my programs.

This is the first program I've produced that is so affordable, but I still packed it full of value, because I'd like to keep the reputation I've developed for putting out high quality programs that deliver.

I will assume all risk with my 100% 30-day,
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Order this program, download everything, grab all the bonuses, and listen to your heart's content. If you're not satisfied with what you've received for any reason, simply ask for a refund and I'll take care of you. No muss, no fuss.

By the way, hundreds of people have already purchased this program, and we haven't received a single refund request. I hope that tells you something about the quality of what you'll be receiving.

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Here's to building a better world together!

Ryan Eliason

P.S. You might be wondering if YOU are a social entrepreneur, and "What is a social entrepreneur anyway?" If you're using entrepreneurial principles to serve the greater good, then yes, you're a social entrepreneur. Welcome to this global movement!

P.P.S If you think all of this "change the world" stuff is for other people with more time, resources, and influence, think again. Most of our mentors are ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things. They answered a calling in their hearts, chose to believe in themselves, and attracted the right support — the type of support YOU can get through this program.

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