A surprise "Thank You" gift for you!

Dear Changemaker,

The training on this page is a gift from me to say a sincere "thank you!" for investing your time and attention in my webinars. If you scroll down, you'll find 18 interviews from modern day heroes and innovators who've created massive changes for the better in the world.

Here's why I'm offering it to you. Our planet — our society — desperately needs more conscious entrepreneurs like you. And I know that you'll be able to take what you learn from the experts below and use it to create even more positive impact.

I'm honored to be able to support you in making your difference in the world through my webinars. And the interviews and training on this page will exponentially increase the power of those webinars. They'll inspire you to think bigger and dream brighter than you've ever thought possible.

That creates an ultimate win-win-win from my perspective:

  • You win: because you get to expand your impact, influence and income even further.
  • I win: because I know you'll be able to apply my training to a greater degree.
  • The world wins: because you make more of a positive difference in the way that only you can.

So please — enjoy the surprise gift. I'm delighted to offer it to you.

Very best wishes,

Ryan Eliason
Business Coach for Changemakers

Before you listen though...

Before you dive into the training, I just want to make sure you've blocked out the dates and times for the webinars in your calendar.

All events are at 11:00am Pacific Time...

  • Wed, May 29th: Ten Vital Steps to Explode Your Positive Impact
  • Fri, May 31st: The 11 Most Damaging Business and Marketing Myths
  • Mon, Jun 3rd: The Six Essential Pillars of Mastery
  • Wed, Jun 5th: Case Study #1 with Ocean Robbins
  • Thu, Jun 6th: Visionary Business Mastery
  • Mon, Jun 10th: Case Study #2 With Sage Lavine

Remember — you really want to be on these calls live! Not just because we're giving away over $7,000 worth of prizes, and not just because there won't be a recording. You want to be there live to connect with all the thousands of other changemakers who'll be on the call with you.

And of course, if you haven't already shared the webinar details with your business circle, I invite you to do that now too. Remember that training shared is always more powerful, so you'll be doing both yourself and them a favor! Click here for some suggested wording.

And finally, if you haven't already, please leave a comment introducing yourself at the bottom of the page. Perhaps also briefly share what you're hoping to get out of the webinar series. It's your perfect chance to start connecting with all those other changemakers!

All sorted? Great - on with the interviews!

Bill Drayton
Everyone A Changemaker (30 minutes)
The man responsible for popularizing the term "social entrepreneur" shares his philosophy of "everyone a changemaker". We will discuss why social entrepreneurs are so critical at this precarious time of rapidly accelerating change, the number one obstacle faced by entrepreneurs, the importance of collaboration, and the unprecedented opportunity of Hybrid Value Chains - a new framework for businesses to reap the benefits of combining social and economic value by forging alliances with citizen sector organizations. Bill will share his passion for cultivating empathy as a fundamental precursor to widespread cultural transformation, and the role of young people in catalyzing change, now and in the future.

Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money (30 minutes)
One of my biggest inspirations and mentors shares wisdom gained from a lifetime of addressing the world's most pressing problems, fundraising, and leadership for social change. She will inspire you to become more aware of your money wounds, as well as the culture-wide dysfunctional relationship to money, and empower you to cultivate a healthy relationship to money. What could be more important for a conscious entrepreneur? You will discover the biggest lies we've been told about money, and you will learn the key perspective that empowered Lynne to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

John Robbins

Asking The Right Questions (45 minutes)
John is one of the most eloquent spokespeople for a more just and sustainable world. He has made a career of exposing injustice and raising the consciousness of millions. We will discuss the importance of asking yourself the right questions, living and doing business with integrity and purpose, tapping your authentic genius, and the keys to success as an author and speaker.
Marianne Williamson Turning The Ship Around (45 minutes)
The internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher with four #1 NY Times bestsellers will discuss running your business, or non-profit, with a higher purpose, integrity, and love. She will answer the question, "If human civilization as we know it is like the Titanic headed for the iceberg, whether the iceberg be nuclear, environmental or terrorism-related, what will it take to turn the ship around?"

Stephen Dinan

Creating The Shift (45 minutes)
Stephen is a master of social change and an expert online community builder, having built an online community of over 100,000 conscious change-makers in a few short months. We will discuss list building, online movement building, and creating a shift towards a more just, sustainable, and spiritually aware world that works for everyone. You will learn to monetize your movement building activities so they are not only self-sustaining, but highly profitable.

Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief - Bridging Mind, Body, Science, and Spirit (45 minutes)
Civilization is on the threshold of a profound evolutionary leap and social entrepreneurs can help. Bruce will answer the question, "Why are so many of our institutions, from health care to banking, all failing at once?" And, "Why is this good news?" We will discuss the biology of belief, spontaneous evolution, bridging science and spirit, mind and body. Finally, we will discuss the importance of reprogramming your subconscious mind in order to create business success, as well as contribute to the creation of a sustainable world.

Ocean Robbins

The Joy of Being A Changemaker (30 minutes)

In 1990, at age 16, Ocean Robbins launched a non-profit organization that provided support to more than 675,000 young social entrepreneurs in 65 countries. He has spent his life building bridges of collaboration and cultivating leadership amongst some of the planet's most inspiring change-makers. We will discuss how to overcome the biggest challenges faced by busy leaders, and how to find joy in your work for a better world. Expect to be inspired!

Focus On A Social Problem Nobody Else Is Solving and Come Up With An Innovative Solution (30 minutes)
Van is the best-selling author of the definitive book on green jobs and a co-founder of three successful non-profit organizations focused on human rights and social justice. TIME Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009. I'm going to get Van to talk about the path of a social entrepreneur, the biggest challenges he's had to overcome, the keys to his success, reasons for hope in the current political climate, and the one piece of advice he wishes he would have received when he was first starting out.

Julia Butterfly Hill

Catalyzing A Movement for Social Change (30 minutes)
Julia became an internationally recognized hero in the activist community when she spent 738 straight days living in the canopy of an ancient Redwood tree to bring attention to the plight of the planet's ancient forests. Her courageous actions, and her message, have catalyzed millions of people. Julia and I are going to discuss what it takes to build a movement for positive social change, changing the world by starting with yourself, "communicating" not just talking, and how to create a genuine caring relationship with the people who comprise the movement you're building.

Rich Dutra-St. John

Breaking Down The Walls of Separation (30 minutes)
Rich co-founded both a company and an NGO (Challenge Day) that has now transformed the lives of millions of youth and adults, breaking down walls of judgment and separation, replacing them with compassion, understanding and love. His work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and a popular MTV series. Learn what it took to launch and build Challenge Day, and how they overcame any obstacles along the way to mainstream notoriety and massive influence.

Alisa Gravitz

Building The Nation's Largest Green Business Membership Organization (30 minutes)
Alisa will share what she has learned over 27 years of developing marketplace solutions to our world's most pressing problems and growing Green America, the nation's largest green business and green consumer membership organization. We'll discuss the biggest mistakes she made and the key lessons she learned about building a team, stakeholder engagement, attracting and retaining members, staying current with technology and evolving methods for marketing, communication, delivering content to members, and more.

Tom Terwilliger

The Science of High Achievement (45 minutes)
Going for a bigger dream, overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, reaching your potential, the technology of high achievement, giving up excuses and being unstoppable, are a few of the topics Tom will address. The man who transformed himself from a drug and alcohol addicted biker into a National Bodybuilding Champion (Mr. America), and successful business owner, will share how strengthening your mind, will, and body can transform you into a more successful entrepreneur.

Josh Thome

Reaching Millions Through Key Partnerships and the Media (45 minutes)
Josh's work to inform and activate people on environmental and social issues has reached millions through live events, TV, radio, film and the Internet. He is a creator and producer of 4REAL, a global documentary TV series that is airing in 167 countries. We will discuss the mindset of a successful social entrepreneur, how to build key partnerships that catapult your reach exponentially, and the pros and cons of working under a non-profit versus a for-profit structure.

Nina Simons

A New Definition of Leadership - Balancing the Masculine and Feminine (30 minutes)
Nina will discuss the founding of Bioneers, an organization that disseminates breakthrough solutions to our most pressing environmental and social challenges, restoring the "feminine" to a balanced place in our culture, and cultivating a new healthy model of leadership that incorporates feminine principles. We will also discuss the importance of connection, community, and support amongst social entrepreneurs and how Nina's own sense of herself as a leader developed over the course of 14 years of producing Bioneers.

Drew Dellinger

The Connections Between Justice, Ecology, Cosmology, Compassion and Entrepreneurship (45 minutes)
I will get Drew to share the keys to his success with building a writing, publishing, and speaking business focused on his greatest passions. We will explore the connections between justice, ecology, cosmology, compassion and entrepreneurship. We'll discuss bringing joy and passion to your business, and overcoming challenges such as the resistance to self-promotion.

Kimmie Weeks

Alleviating Human Poverty, Suffering, and War (30 minutes)
Hear how Kimmie Weeks narrowly escaped political assassination and built a global following after exposing the injustice of the Liberian government at the age of 14. Kimmie and I will discuss the goals of alleviating human poverty, suffering, and war. We will explore the importance of clear vision and commitment, how to embrace challenges with the right attitude, and really getting to know the people and communities you serve. His story will blow your mind!

Tashka Yawanawa

Business Ventures That Empower Indigenous People to Protect The Rainforest (45 minutes)
Tashka is the Chief of the Yawanawa tribe of the Brazilian Amazon and he will be calling in from the edge of the jungle. You'll hear from one of the wisest, most creative, visionary leaders alive today about how he brought his tribe back from the brink of ethnocide by initiating ecologically sound income producing projects. The Yawanawa and their allies are developing a new model of sustainability that allows the Yawanawa to protect the rainforest and engage with the outside world without losing their cultural and spiritual identity.

Saniel Bonder

The Entrepreneurial Path - A Sacred Journey of Service and Awakening (60 minutes)
Saniel is a highly acclaimed spiritual teacher, author, and founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality Work. We will investigate the entrepreneurial path as a sacred journey of service and awakening, and an opportunity to embrace the interconnectness of all life. We will explore the pros and cons of structuring your social benefit organization as a non-profit versus a for-profit, and how to embrace the psychological challenges (emotional ebbs and flows that all entrepreneurs experience) of growing a successful business.